If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, please contact Derrick Melland


Maysa Coty

Uniform Manager 

Shawna McDonough

Baldwin Blast Director 

Shawna McDonough

Board Meetings

Board Meetings are scheduled quarterly and on an as-needed basis. All meetings will be placed on the Club Calendar.


Date Agenda Meeting Notes
March 21, 2023 Season kickoff/Parent Meetings Meeting Notes
Feb 21, 2023 Registration Planning Meeting Notes
Feb 7, 2023 Registration Planning Meeting Notes
Jan 15, 2023 Winter Meeting 2 Meeting Notes
Dec 5, 2022 Winter Meeting Meeting Notes
Nov 14, 2022 Village Board meeting Meeting Notes
Nov 1, 2022 Spring Season Registration Meeting Notes
July 19, 2022 Fall Soccer/Planning Meeting Notes
April 10, 2022 Blast Update/Registration/Coaches Meeting Notes
March 24, 2022 Registration/Coaches Meeting Notes
January 6, 2022   Meeting Notes
October 11, 2021 Planning Meeting Notes
September 7, 2021 Fall Season Meeting Notes


Date Agenda Meeting Notes
March 23, 2021 Season kickoff Meeting Notes
August 12, 2019 Registration/Future Plans Meeting Notes
February 18, 2019 Registration/Open House Meeting Notes
October 22, 2018 Registration/Winter Soccer Meeting Notes
May 30, 2018 Baldwin Blast/Sporting St. Croix Meeting Notes
December 19, 2017 Mailer/Marketing Meeting Notes
September 18, 2017 Year-end review/Marketing Meeting Notes
March 21, 2017 Registration/Season Planning Meeting Notes
December 15, 2016 Post-Season Review – Season preview Meeting Notes
April 14, 2016 Pre-Season Meeting Meeting Notes
January 14, 2016 Annual Review Meeting Notes
September 10, 2015   Meeting Notes
July 9, 2015   Meeting Notes

As described below, Board members must possess certain personal characteristics and perform certain responsibilities and duties. There are many ways for members to contribute to the success of our Club without being a board member. If you are not currently in a position to meet these requirements, but would like to become more involved with the Club, please contact us at [email protected] about some of the many other ways that you can contribute.

The Board is responsible for the overall governance of the Club. Blackhawk.Soccer Board members are expected to be “working” Directors, which means that, in addition to providing leadership and strategic direction to the Club, each Board member is expected to devote significant time and effort to plan, manage and administer programs and activities of the Club. The more general duties of the Board include: developing, implementing, and, as needed, amending the Club’s long-term plans; setting the general and financial direction; selecting, supporting, evaluating, and supporting Club personnel and volunteers; and providing financial direction and oversight. Directors should be capable of making and prepared to make a sustained contribution to the Club.

As a coach for U10, U12, U14 and U19 you would create practice plans, conduct practices and manage  games. supports coaches by offering training, practice plans and mentoring.  Head coaches are also offered registration reimbursement.  See Coaches Corner for more information.

As an assistant coach for U10, U12, U14 and U19 you would assist the head coach with the creation of practice plans, conducting practices and managing  games. supports coaches by offering training, practice plans and mentoring.  See Coaches Corner for more information.

The U6 and U8 Head Coach/Coordinator would be responsible for creating practice plans, managing the coaching staff and running practices. supports coaches by offering training, practice plans and mentoring.  U6 and U8 Coaching Coordinators are offered registration reimbursement.  See Coaches Corner for more information.

The U6 – U8 coaches will be responsible for implementing the provided practice plans during practices. As we are always lacking in coaches, U12+ players are encouraged to assist with U6 and U8 practices.  We would love have more parents get involved so that the need for older players would diminish over time. supports coaches by offering training, practice plans and mentoring.  See Coaches Corner for more information.

  • Preside over all Board meetings
  • Official spokesperson for the Blackhawk.Soccer.
  • Oversees functions of other Board members and all contracts authorized by the Board.
  • Recruit both coaches and administrative volunteers.
  • Assist with tasks not covered by balance of volunteers.
  • Work towards increasing participation in the club
  • Leadership for marketing and club branding
  • D9 Representative
    • meetings 2 times a year in Rice Lake (usually October and Jan/Feb)
    • Other Board members can take turns
    • Ordering shin guards and balls for open house
  • Work with league for game scheduling
  • Manage number of teams at all levels
  • Obtain referees for season
  • Manage relationship with HS teams and coaches
  • Supports President in all administrative tasks to prepare to be President
  • Volunteer Coordinator – obtain and manage needed non-coaching volunteers and assist Development with obtaining coaching volunteers
  • Maintains Blackhawk.Soccer financial records
  • Keep track of association fanatical activities
  • Maintain checking account
  • Distribute funds according to authorized purposes and procedures
  • Provide semi-annual fanatical reports and updates to the Board.
  • Ensures taxes are filed
  • Ensures Insurance coverages is maintained.
  • Prepare all documents required to allow the Association to maintain its tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code and Wisconsin State Laws.
  • Keeps an accurate record of the proceedings and policy decisions of all scheduled Blackhawk.Soccer meetings
  • In change of [email protected] on onedrive
  • Maintain Website
  • Work with Board Members keep content current
  • Responsible for obtaining coaches
  • Mentoring and grooming coaches through growing skills through available training
  • Manage and mentor team and age group practice planning
  • Responsible for creation and management of mission and vision of player growth
  • Responsible for Demosphere and registration process
  • Assign players/coaches to teams (pool play for U6 and U8)
  • Access to Demosphere – club communications
  • Able to add News Items to website – cancelled practices, etc.
  • Manage Social Media
  • Plan Picture day – usually ordered during winter for Mid May
  • Backup for data on onedrive ([email protected] )
  • Marketing to all areas
  • Ordering Shirts from River Valley Sports and Challenger Sports
  • Managing club sports apparel with Branding Wearhouse
  • Work with Registrar to obtain yearly uniform needs
  • Manage distribution of uniforms
  • Manage uniform inventory
  • Find teams
  • Work with Concessions
  • Schedule games
  • Schedule Referees
  • Tournament Director – day of tournament
  • Manage VolunteerSpot for all needed volunteers for food and working.
  • Ordering trophies medals (medals for U10/U12 for first) Trophies for top 2, 3 or 4 depending on the number of teams (  in the past)
  • Printing schedule for display at fields
  • Manage initial setup of fields every season
  • Manage all field lining
  • Work with HS to maintain paint levels
  • Maintain lining machine
  • Manage Corner Flags and Nets
  • Responsible for end-of-season maintenance (storing nets, etc.)
  • Recruit parents/community members to coach all club teams from U6 through U14
  • Research and relay information needed for coaches to be successful to all coaches, provide them with opportunities to future their coaching skills.
  • Assign YSOA required course work to coaches and document course completion/certification
  • Assist coaches with substitute coaches when needed.
  • Communicate require documentation for reimbursements or payments of coaches to treasure
  • Recruit parent/community members/ former players to referee games
  • Research, provide, and assign instructional courses needed to become a certified referee
  • Document all course certifications
  • Organize referees for all home games including the Baldwin Blast tournament
  • Communicate require documentation for reimbursements or payments of referees to treasure


  1.  Register HERE as Volunteer.
      1. Follow these instructions – CLICK HERE
      2. Pay $15 fee (club will refund)
  2. At the completion of the registration, there will be links to 2 required trainings.  (Here is THE LINK to the training classes)
      1. Concussion Training
      2. Safe Sport
  3. The background check ($15) is due every other year (so you will on get the request when needed).  The trainings are required every year.


  1. Members need to be aware of the 24-hour reporting requirement for suspected child abuse or sexual abuse CLICK HERE to REPORT
  2. WYSA Athlete and Participant Safety LINK